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  • Is there a dress code?
    Our party is taking place at a summery winery - so we'd love for you to get summery chic for our day :) We expect guests of all ages from all over the world and would be happy if you dress as diversely as you are. Jeans and t-shirts can still stay at home ♥
  • Can we bring our children?
    Your little companions are very welcome at the registry office until the start of the dinner!Unfortunately, the limited number of guests in the room does not allow us to have any additional guests who require a table seat at dinner.* Feel free to contact us if you have any questions :) *Except: Our nephews Jonas & Max ♥
  • Special Evening Guests
  • Is there a schedule?
    You can find our daily routine under the menu item: Wedding Day
  • How do we get from the registry office to the location?
    Since we as the newlyweds will still be taking photos in the city center, you can drive to the location in peace after the champagne reception at the registry office. The team awaits you from 3:30 p.m. with snacks and drinks. We will meet at the location until 4 p.m. and look forward to toasting with you!
  • How do I get from the location to my accommodation?
    We want you all to celebrate with us for a long time and, above all, exuberantly! That's why we organize a night shuttle service from the location to Freiburg or the surrounding area.
  • Is there parking?
    Registry office: Since the registry office is in the city center, (free) parking spaces are scarce. The closest car parks are the Schwarzwaldcity or the Unterlinden APCOA. Location: There are direct parking spaces at the location. Your cars can also stay overnight at the location and be picked up the next day :)
  • How long are we partying?
    As you know us - exuberant and open-ended :)
  • Planning a surprise/speech/game?
    We are happy and honored if you think about how to make our big day particularly beautiful ♥ You are welcome to contact us directly or share your thoughts xxx so as not to cause any irritation or time problems.
  • Is there anything happening the night before the wedding?
    We spend the last night before the wedding separately with our groomsmen and maids of honor ♥
  • Contact details groomsmen
    If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with our witnesses, they look forward to hearing from you: STEVE: ANNE: ANJA: SANDY: INA: ISY:
  • What can we give you?
    Celebrating with you will be the greatest gift! If you still want to give us something, we would be happy to receive a subsidy for our honeymoon :)
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